Thursday, 2018-04-05

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Gangwon Land Casino is Korea’s first ever casino to allow the admission of Koreans. It was established under the ‘Special law regarding support for the development of abandoned mine areas,’ which was passed in 1995 with the purpose of resuscitating the economy of such abandoned mine areas. Gangwon Land is a hotel resort with 199 rooms at present, priding over its superior casino facilities with 960 slot machines and 100 tables. Gangwon Land Casino has skilled dealers and serves free beverages to players.

Main Facilities

  • Game facilities: 200 tables, 1,360 machine
  • Blackjack, baccarat, roulette, big wheel, tai-sai, poker, casino war, electronic games, slot machine, video games
  • Hotel’s Subsidiary facilities: Casa Bar, World Fusion, Café Lounge, Orien, Casino Bar, Casino buffet, luxury brand shops, etc.
  • Themed Park (Adventure Palace) – 3 watching facilities, 8 riders, 81 game machines, Casa Cinema
  • Golf-tel

Subsidiary Facilities : Mint Bar, Restaurant PANGE, Crystal Lounge, Summitas Club & Lounge, Free drinks bar, etc.